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Playtime - Cold Weather Indoor Play Hours

The Canine Coach provides a warm indoor space for social dogs to play during our cold months. We have designated hour-long sessions, listed below, for Small dogs (< 25 lbs) and Larger dogs (> 25 lbs).

Please read this entire page carefully. Your dog must be friendly with unfamiliar dogs and people. You attend with and are responsible for your dog. You assume all risk inherent in playtimes.

Playtimes are supervised. The supervisor is there to enforce the Rules of Play (see below) which aid in maintaining a safe and clean environment. However, the supervisor cannot watch all dogs and people at all times. Each participant is responsible for their own dog's behavior.

Price: $40 for 5 Sessions; $10 for one time
Play times are 1 hour sessions

Adney and China love playing tug at playtime
  • Purchased at the door only. Please arrive early.
  • Cash or Check only.
  • $10 per dog
  • Arrive early and have your payment ready.
  • You will receive a punch card that you MUST bring with you each time to use. If you don't have your card, you will have to pay $10.
  • You can use your punch card at any location for any playtime, during the current season in which it was purchased.

Register: You Must Call To Hold A Spot (space is strictly limited)

Call the phone number listed next to the playtime you want to attend to hold your spot. Playtimes during severe weather are the most popular. Leave a clear message stating:

  • the specific Big or Small Playtime
  • your name
  • dog's name
  • phone number

***IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK, YOUR SPOT IS CONFIRMED. We will only call you back if the playtime is full, or if there is not enough interest and we have to cancel.

Please call us if you can no longer attend, so we can open up your spot.

Play Spaces

  • Minneapolis: One undivided play area, 2,400 square feet
  • St Paul: Two levels, 2,000 square feet each
    • Upstairs: Larger dogs
    • Downstairs: Small dogs/Puppies (< 25 lbs)
  • St Louis Park: 5,000 square feet divided into two play areas. One for Larger dogs and one for Small dogs/Puppies (< 25 lbs).

There is one playtime supervisor on premises. He or she will float between play areas to answer questions and facilitate Rules of Play.

Indoor Play Experience - Not for everyone.

Indoor play can be more intense than at outdoor parks due to the enclosed space. Come expecting high arousal especially during the first 15 - 20 minutes. Not all dogs can handle this intense energy level. There is not sufficient space to move away if desired. Hence, some dogs that play well at an outdoor dog park may not do well in this environment. They may be overwhelmed or even become aggressive. Other dogs become too aroused to play nicely. The playtime supervisor may deem this to be the case with your dog and require your dog to leave. If this is required within the first 15 minutes, your fee will be refunded.

Not All Dogs Can Play With All Dogs, In All Situations

Dogs come in various sizes, intensity levels, behaviors and play styles. Not all dogs get along with all dogs all the time. We may require a dog to leave if s/he is not a good fit for the majority of the dogs in that particular play session. This dog may even be friendly, but trigger aggressive behavior due to a mismatch in behavior. Please politely respect the opinion of the supervisor, despite feeling extremely disappointed.

Inherent Risk

During any gathering of dogs, there is a risk of injury or illness. This could be from jumping, running, body contact, a bite, or saliva from another dog. You assume this risk by arriving on the premises of the playtime.

Rules of Play

  • Only dogs who are known to play well with unfamiliar dogs and people may attend. If you are not sure, you may not bring your dog. Your dog must not have any prior incident of aggression.
  • One dog per handler. Exceptions can be made as your dogs become known to the individual supervisors be easy to manage.
  • Your dog must eliminate before entering the building.
  • There will be a break within the first 15 minutes of the session for an additional potty break. The excitement of play increases the need to eliminate even though it happened before you came in.
  • You must be an active participant and stick with your dog during play.
  • You must clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in outdoor receptacles. Cleaning supplies are provided.
  • No toys unless specifically allowed by the supervisor.
  • If your dog is difficult to manage or displays any aggressive behaviors, you will be asked to leave.
  • You must sign a waiver of liability and assumption of risk to enter.
  • You must respect the direction of the supervisor.

Finally...Upcoming Play Sessions

You MUST CALL the phone number listed for the playtime you would like to attend to hold a spot.

Do not wait last minute to call, as WE WILL CANCEL within a couple hours of playtime start if we do not have sufficient interest.

*** The following play times are subject to change depending on interest. ***

Small Dogs & Puppies - 1 hour sessions:
Saturdays, 4:15pm in St. Paul
Sundays, 10:15am in Minneapolis
See below for specific dates

April & May 2014

  Minneapolis 5/4 Sunday 10:15am Rory 651.707.4677
    5/11 Sunday 10:15am Rory 651.707.4677
  St. Paul - Lower Level 4/19 Saturday 4:15pm Rory 651.707.4677
    4/26 Saturday 4:15pm Rory 651.707.4677
    5/03 Saturday 4:15pm Rory 651.707.4677
    5/10 Saturday 4:15pm Rory 651.707.4677