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Private, In-home Training. Call 612-202-4732 to Schedule.

Private training is needed to modify behaviors which are specific to your dog's environment or family members such as housemate aggression, aggression to family members, aggression on walks (leash aggression) and separation anxiety, to name a few. Thinking about getting a puppy or adding another dog to the family? We can also do pre-puppy appointments, as well as new dog introductions. Other behaviors, like house manners, we have classes for, but we find that addressing the behavior where it occurs can be more effective.

We will either come to your home or meet you wherever the problem behavior may occur (like at a public walking area for leash aggression). We travel almost the entire Twin Cities metro area. There is a modest fuel surcharge of $8.00 for each visit. (For locations over 15 miles from the nearest Canine Coach location, add $1 each way for every mile in excess of 15 miles.)

With an in-home training session, we will take the time to fully understand your dog and the behaviors presented. With the first lesson, you will learn and practice the training solutions most appropriate for your dog, family and lifestyle. You don't have to be on your own to implement the training correctly. We will schedule follow-up training sessions to make sure you are making progress and properly executing the training, and make adjustments based on how your dog responds. We will provide you with specific, manageable training exercises where you can see weekly progress.

Initial private training sessions typically take an hour and a half, but could be less or more. Cost is $85.00 per hour, or 4 hours for $310 for all trainers. The 4 hours of time is typically divided over 3 - 4 sessions, over 1 - 2 months.

No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours will be charged for one hour of training. No refunds are available on the 4-hour package. The package value expires after 4 months.

To Schedule In-Home Training Call: 612-202-4732.

Our In-Home Behavior Trainers:

Blair Lynn Jeff Lauren Jordan Annette