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Cele Danner The Canine Coach

Maureen Haggerty

Lynn Silvis

Danielle Graczyk

Jeff Yoon

Blair Hauser

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Cele Danner

Jordan Phillips The Canine Coach
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Alex Hermundson The Canine Coach
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Jake Faas The Canine Coach
Jake Faas The Canine Coach

Jordan Phillips

Jess Kittredge

Alex Hermundson

Annette Scribner

Jake Faas

Pauli Jackson

Courtney Angerer

Canine Coach

See what Yelp users are saying.

I just wanted to send you a "thank you" from my dog Angus and myself. Your enthusiasm, patience and skill in teaching opened a new door for me in communicating with my dogs. It has allowed my to train Angus in a way this is fun, rewarding and loving. I will continue to us the fantastic homework sheets and reinforce the lessons that we both learned together. Most of all I am grateful to you and the Canine Coach for enlightening numerous dog owners that there is another way besides punishing a dog for not knowing. In your way you are helping keep dogs in there homes and out of shelters.

Warm regards,
Lynn T.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great Obedience I class.

You are a great teacher, very accommodating and understanding of each person and their dogs' unique situation and personality, and made everyone feel special and understood.

We had a great group of people and dogs and I saw improvement in each and every one of them. I really felt a camraderie within the group and that was so nice to see and experience.

Maverick and I had taken a puppy manners class (Not Canine Coach) prior to the Obedience I class with Canine Coach and I wish I could have done things differently. I felt almost defeated after each puppy manners class, that I had a maniac dog on my hands and that he would never mellow and behave and that I would experience a total uphill battle with him. In contrast, I was happy and positive after the Canine Coach classes, excited to work with Maverick and then to see the improvement in him after 6 weeks was just icing on the cake!

Thank you again, and Maverick and I will see you in January!

Karen H. & Maverick

I LOVE the Canine Coach! I've taken just about all the classes I can with my dog, and plan on retaking the lure coursing and agility classes this summer. I've had a number of different trainers, and every one of them has been fantastic. I've even had to do a little in home training for kenneling/separation anxiety.

I've recommended them to a number of friends, and everyone who has gone to training here has really liked them. I would highly recommend Canine Coach to anyone looking for a great trainer!!

Amy. A.
Thank you so much for everything that you taught us last night. We are all very excited to get started. I have my first "guest" set for Saturday. The kids are super excited about their door bell training task. I love that you gave them their own special thing to work on. We look forward to working with you again in a few weeks on outdoor behavior.

Hildi H.
Jeff was AWESOME!! We learned more about Layla, training and dogs in 90 minutes and it was an incredibly effective session. He answered all of our endless questions, gave us a bunch of workable tips and tricks and helped us feel confident that we could train Layla. We so look forward to working with him again.

Thanks again!
Emily H.

I don't know exactly what it is, but she was just very easy to approach and talk to. Sometimes people who are really good with dogs aren't very good at working with people. This is definitely not the case with Courtney!

Level I Obedience Class Feedback

Thanks so much. Everything is going great. Theo loves the classes and Dan and I are learning so much more on how to work with him at home. Alex has told us Theo is being used to show the other dogs what to do since he already knows such much, but the magic Alex and Adam are working is helping us so much more at home.

Susan T.
Yay! I can't thank EVERYONE enough for working with Jackson the last four weeks. His custom program was perfect.

Marcy V.

[[Jackson was enrolled in our Boot Camp Program!]]
Our foster, Hooch, looked forward to class. He knew what was going to happen once we pulled up and got his happy tail going.

Molly R.
I learned a ton of great information. Courtney was very professional, energetic, and knowledgable. I highly recommend her! She loves her job and it showed.

Leah R.
The fitness class with your dog was a blast! We will be back!

Brianna L.
My daughter and Rylie are enjoying our obedience level 2 class tremendously with Jake.

Kris E.
Thanks so much for all your specialized help with Josie during obedience level two. We’ve really appreciated your patience and expertise.

Becky L.
I worked with Jeff on training my dog Izzy to walk nicely and she's a model dog now (well, 95% of the time) on her leash! Jeff was great!!

Thank you.
Marta B
Thanks again for the awesome private lessons with June! She is doing so much better, she's paying attention and listening to us more than she ever did. The dog park training is going well!

Take care!
Emilie Justen

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today's class. I finally feel that I have found the perfect fit for both Copper and myself. I felt energized and excited when I left class this morning. It so much different than what we have experienced previously and I finally feel as though there is hope for my crazy dog. I left other classes with the feeling of hopelessness and frustration that Cooper was just going to be a naughty (however cute) and disobedient dog, which is causing strain at home. I'm not sure if we will be addressing behavior issues such as eating everything he comes in contact with...I mean ....everything. Or if that will be a separate class we'll need to take down the road. I notice you offer so many classes and I am eager to participate in many. Our initial goal when we got Cooper was to have him become a therapy dog. That idea went out the window when I was informed that "not all dogs are calm enough to be therapy dogs"...(add a discouraging look here). That may be true, but I am hoping to disprove that....

Once again, thank you and I look forward to next week's class.

Jana B.

We couldn't be happier with you and the classes so far, Hannah and I just keep talking about how great Margo seems to do and how much she really loves going to the classes, which for how scared she usually is of new places is just wonderful!

Brian I.
Thanks for all your hard work and making the Scent Class so fun!

Jennifer F.
Love this place! The trainers are friendly and very professional. They offer an assortment of classes throughout the Twin Cities. We especially love Coach Jess!

Niky B.
We are very pleased so far! The improvement in his behavior after one week is already impressive. We are seeing significant improvement in his responsiveness to our commands and controlling his impulsive behaviors. Very excited to see his total improvements in a couple weeks from now!

We already said that any dog we get in the future will go through the class as well. Definitely will recommend to others.

Colin T.
Just wanted to let you know how I value the service provided. My 8 month old Dixie, a Shepherd-Collie mix seemed to always to on high alert during her walks and would bark uncontrollably at other dogs, pop up on her leash when she saw a rabbit or squirrel and I would have to say the only way I could do loose leash walking was to sort of run to catch up to her.

Within two hours you taught me a few very simple techniques that put me back into control and I have to say Dixie and my walks are now enjoyable and she seems so much more relaxed. Not perfect yet but with consistency I know she will continue to improve and seems to understand finally what I am asking of her. Tried other trainers with very limited results so I contacted Canine Coach. I am glad I made the call.

After a week I have continued to see so much improvement that I no longer use a leash to take Dixie to the back yard or to the neighbor's house since she follows me. We seem to be finally communicating with each other. Lovely dog, high energy and now I have the tools to communicate with her in a way she seems to understand what I am asking of her.

Karen L. St. Paul

I am absolutely amazed at your skill in training these animals and conducting classes. WOW! Thank you for all your good work.

Doug C.

Thanks for being such an awesome coach! We learned a lot and had fun with Lena at the the same time. We found your advice and techniques to be spot on. Thanks again, it was a great help.

Erik, Mandy and Lena D.
You guys are awesome and I never hear anything but rave reviews from those who have had behavioral evals. You should know that I also appreciate always being willing to work with my crazy requests of new foster trainings, aggression 101 sessions, fly-by emails I send you to pick your brain about something (like aggressive puppies), and that you'll let me call you for issues too.

It's great having you and your trainers as a resource for Pet Haven. Our fosters have more confidence working with their foster dogs, and most important - we are able to benefit the dogs we adopt out. We couldn't be working with a more professional and supportive group of trainers for our rescue.

Jenny Jurek - Director of the Dog Division for Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota

I have taken three classes with my trainer and could not be happier! I started with her when my new rescue dog, Bear, started acting aggressively towards other dogs in his Level 1 obedience class that we took at a pet store. I was a new dog owner at the time and didn't realize the importance of finding a really good trainer and training facility so I did what was easiest and signed up for Obedience classes while buying dog food.

When we started our Dog to Dog Aggression class with my trainer I was pretty nervous the first day. I knew Bear was a great dog but was afraid that other people wouldn't agree since he wasn't "perfect." The main thing I took away from that class was confidence that I know how to handle different situations. I also learned that it was okay that Bear didn't get along with every dog. My trainer told me after class one day "Dogs are similar to people. We don't love everyone we meet so why should we expect our dog to?" Although Bear still doesn't love every dog, I'm not afraid to go for a walk when other dogs are out. I now feel confident that I can keep the situation under control with the skills I learned in class.

The next class I took with my trainer was Level 2 obedience and Bear and I both loved this class! One thing I really liked was the cross-over in skills between what we learned in our Aggression class and what was expected in Level 2. Another thing I noticed was the difference in this class between my pet store obedience class. I left that class feeling embarrassed and frustrated. With my trainer, never once, not even on a "bad" day at training, did I leave with these negative feelings. I left feeling hopeful and excited to practice our new skills.

Right now we are taking a loose leash class with my trainer. After the first class we are already going on walks with a loose leash!

I really can't say enough good things about my trainer! She seems to adore Bear and she is able to see his potential. She is able to give relevant advice that addresses my (sometimes bad) habits as well as Bear's personality. My trainer is always available for questions after class or between classes which seems to be the time when I need the most support!

I highly recommend the Canine Coach to anyone and everyone whether you have the "perfect" dog or not!

Libby K
My very independent minded coonhound and I just finished Level 1 Obedience. I had had my dog for 6 weeks prior to starting the class, and as a senior rescue, we were having some challenges. Jake was an awesome trainer who helped us learn basic obedience, but most importantly gave me the tools to understand my dog, change my behaviors, and help him build respect for me.

Jake and Jess both went above and beyond when I called on them for additional advice to address some specific challenges. I'm so thankful for the great work of Canine Coach! The trainers are knowledgable and passionate about their work. Looking forward to the next class!

Amanda V.
Thanks so much for all of your guidance -- I've really learned so much from the classes I was able to attend and while Millie and I still have a long way to go I feel much more in control of the journey than I did before.

Maura D.

Thank you for a wonderful course. We really enjoyed working with you, and Ami has made great strides!

Kathryn G.
Thanks so much for all you have done and the support you've given. It is paying off! One step at a time!

Cyndi V
Thanks again for such a great Obedience class – you have a great teaching style, very positive and encouraging for both people and dogs and I’m really glad I found the K9 coach!

Casey M.
We loved the Agility for Fun class and look forward to future classes.

Thank you!
Rob H
You're a super trainer who has given us lots of great tools to help us improve Meg's dog aggression and we are thankful for your efforts. I would highly recommend your class and your expertise to friends with similar dog behavior issues.

Thanks for for patience with me.
Rick W.
I can't tell you how happy I have been with the classes I have taken with you guys. My relationship with my dog is so amazing and it is because I leaned to understand her from amazing trainers.

I tell people all the time to take classes with you guys. I'm looking forward to this last class!

Emily E.

She is FANTASTIC! Miracle worker.

Amanda P.
I just had my 3rd private session with my trainer and could not be more thrilled with how this is working out! My dog Shefu is a little terror on walks - pulling on the leash, barking at dogs, people, cars, her shadow, the pavement, etc. Today, in one session, she was walking next to me peacefully and wasn't yanking on the leash or going wild at passing cars. I feel confident I have the skills to keep our walks calm like the practice one we did today. My trainer is fantastic - she uses excellent metaphors in her training which cement the skill for me in a way that I won't forget what she said. Our session today was like a Dog Whisperer episode - a skill was passed on and immediately implemented for a happier owner and dog!

Julie M.
He will prove to be a positive influence in our lives! He has shown us some great techniques to work with our dog, Guinness!

Christina O.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent instruction during the Therapy Dog class this spring. Quinn is fully certified and happily accompanying me in my therapy groups at at treatment center. The ladies just love her! She is also with me in private practice as my co therapist and she is a natural!

You are an awesome and highly intuitive trainer. I am so grateful to have been in your class!

Mary W.

My husband and I have been using Canine Coach for over two years now. Blair has been our trainer and she has been wonderful. She was wonderful to work with. It was so nice and convenient that she came to our house for the sessions .Our dogs loved her. We had two dogs a Pit Bull and German Shepard/Husky mix (our pit bull passed away.) Blair worked with both our dogs. Thanks to Blair we saw huge changes in both our dogs. Not only in the way they behaved and there demeanor but how they responded to us and how much better they listened. We have a 20 month old daughter I was worried about having 2 big dogs. Blair taught us and our dogs things to help with this area. The exercises that she taught us to do with our dogs were so helpful and we still use them to this day, We want to thank you for having such a wonderful trainer.

Thank you,
Stephanie & Jason S
Guthrie and I (and Theo) have loved working with you. Thank you. Seriously, just a month and a half ago Guthrie and I felt like we were not capable of working with Theo and now he is really starting to become a part of our family. Thank for you all of your encouragement and answers to all of our millions of questions!

Laura B.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent training Layla and I received at boot camp. I was nervous about spending this kind of money on training for a 4-5 year old rescue dog with lots of bad habits and a dog family with even worse training habits. I am so glad I did, the training both Layla and I received from Cele is priceless!

Layla now walks by my side with out pulling me over as she is trying to chase a squirrel, when she sees something like a squirrel or a bunny, she "leaves it" and just keeps walking! We are able to let her off the leash and actually have her come when she is called!!! This is truly amazing given where she was before boot-camp.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the training. Cele, you are way way better than the dog whisper! Thanks to all of you, this training has dramatically impacted the amount of fun we are now able to have with Layla.

Kathy Conner, St. Paul

Thanks Jess for everything! We had a great time, and learned so much!!!

Teryn G.
Thank you so much for all you do! I cannot believe what he learned in just the one class, and am very excited to keep practicing the skills.

With the exception of the first week or two after we adopted him, when I'm guessing he was just a bit reserved and nervous, I have never seen him calm in the presence of other dogs as he was when we were walking him around the therapy dog class. Absolutely incredible.

Thank you!

Mike S.

Jackson and I are thrilled to see you each week again!! You are so great with him and I can't wait to learn additional tools to help him enjoy life more :) See you Thursday.

Best Regards,
Nicol J.
Thanks, Jordan; really fun class today. Can't wait for next week!! And you were right, Koda was exhausted when we got home :)

See you next week,
Kellie P
We think it's really helping both our dog and the experience around the house. We've learned new ways of speaking with Rafa, new hand signals, and refashioned old ones.

The staff are great. Present. Positive with our dog. More importantly, patient with the dog owners.

Yes, we love it.

Tom T.

Just want to let you know how grateful we are for your help last night. I (Mary) was able to take Annie for a really nice walk this morning. She didn't resist me putting the harness on her (the correct way) and it is so much easier to walk her and let her have a little freedom during the walk.

Mary & Gary E.
Boot camp is FABULOUS! I love both Cele and Lynn. What an awesome team!

Abby K
Thank you for your help on Wednesday. Levi and I are making incredible progress! We have been using your system for less than 3 days and already our walks are more enjoyable. Prepare to have your socks blown off when you come back in 2 weeks to show us the next step!

Sarah B. St. Paul
I wanted to take a minute to write and tell you that Betty has REALLY turned a corner on her "stranger danger." I just wanted to thank you for helping us go from "Ahhhhhh, can we ever have people over????" to "Hey, let's have people over AGAIN!" Thank you for helping us understand our dog's issues better and for teaching us the skills and tips to help her more consistently be the awesome, sweet dog that she is!

Monica M.
Thanks for the great class. Ryan, Nora, and I had a lot of fun!

Susan M
I really want to thank you for the help you have given to us with Kody. Using your techniques have been so helpful for us. It is an ongoing work in process, but Kody has responded well. Our calmness with him really works for all of us. We have been trying to walk him whenever possible which also helps him a lot.

Want to thank you again for helping us. Kody is a very sweet little guy.

Carole S.
Thanks so much for coming over and helping us with Boeuf yesterday! We tried the "leave it" command with the toilet paper (which she loves to terrorize), and it worked great! Plus, she is already going potty super fast in her "designated" area. :-)

Rose P.
Very impressed. Our trainer is really awesome! Go Jess! In a single first one hour session we already have a better more appropriate little beastie. And we were in puppy hell before this. Well worth the money! I highly recommend. Easy techniques that are doable for the whole family.

Krista B.
Love these guys! Started with the puppy class and just kept going. We have learned so much and I owe it all to them. I can't say enough great things about each "coach". I've had 4 different trainers (4 different classes) and they all are fantastic.

Titan's Mom
[Boot Camp]
With week one complete and we are noticing nice progress already and looking forward to the weeks to come. I really like working with Lynn when I pick up Ruger in the evenings, she does a great job of answering questions, explaining homework and giving little tips that have been very helpful.

Tami W

Tonight I took Sandy to a restaurant that had outdoor seating and she behaved so well. Not a single whine! Thank you so much for all you taught me and Sandy! I am such a proud Dog Mom now!

Sarah M.
I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing teacher/coach! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was that Buster and I were able to pass the Therapy Certification test! We could not have done it without your thoughtful teaching approach, challenging us in class and out of class and sharing your expertise to get us to where we got! I look forward to your advanced class, starting tomorrow eve.

On behalf of Buster too! Thank you!
Jennifer M.
I want to thank you for the excellent training & support. I learned new skills and sharpened old ones. Chewie enjoyed his class days, he ran into the car tail wagging whenever we headed off to class.

Again thanks for the therapy dog training, I am excited to complete TDI registration and figure out where we should try to work.

Holly vG.
Just had to let you know that Annette is a FABULOUS teacher!!! She is animated, excited, and loves teaching obedience. What a breath of fresh air!

Susan S.
Lucia so enjoyed dog camp. It was the highlight of her summer so far!"

Mary S.

Izzy is SO GOOD now! Last week, I walked her all over the neighborhood, and we had her off leash at the cabin with no trouble whatsoever over the weekend.

I feel like she’s calmed down and has a sense of the rules. She’s choosing to stick around us instead of bolt and she has shown no inclination to jump over the fence in the backyard.

Amazing what 8 weeks of super-awesome professional training will do for a girl!

Nancy B.
Kiya and Sadie bounded down the driveway today after camp - both very excited and anxious to share their morning. Such a GREAT Maureen! Count us in for next summer ;)

Nicole G.
My daughter Maggie (Peter) and niece Katrina (Ivy) had a wonderful time at dog camp today!
They can’t stop talking about it! See you tomorrow.

Amie Odahl
My wife, Erin, and I adopted our sweet, adorable and well-behaved pittie, Mae, when she was six months old. Though she was none of those things when we got her. In fact, quite the opposite. She was a real handful. Destructive, super naughty and so full of energy we didn’t know what to do with her, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. She nipped at our hands, pulled on our scarves, destroyed throw pillows and put holes in more than one down jacket. She was crazy. So we signed up for Jeff’s Obedience 1 class, and it completely changed our relationship with our dog. That class (and later, Jeff’s Obedience II class) gave us the ability to effectively communicate with Mae in a positive yet firm manner that’s not only rewarding for her, but for us as well. The classes gave us confidence to be strong leaders, and gave Mae the confidence to trust us. In the short time she’s been with us we’ve developed a language and established rules that we all understand and benefit from. Oh, and Jeff is super awesome. The classes are fun, the dogs stay engaged and before you know it. Being able to work with someone who understands canine behavior like he does is invaluable. If you feel your relationship with your dog is not living up to its potential, you should do yourself – and your pup – a big favor by giving Jeff a call. Mae is now 20 months old, and we could not be happier. And judging by all the licks, tail wags and big pittie smiles on her face, Mae could not be happier either. Thanks, Jeff!

Ryan B.
I can't tell you how pleased we are with the training provided by Alex. Zoey has made great strides in just four days. Please thank Sarah, Cele , Kevin and Alex for a great start.

Mike G
Hi Blair,

I just wanted to thank you for the great classes Cam and I have had with you--you're a terrific trainer and a delight to be around! Good luck with that puppy and maybe we'll see you sometime in the future at another class. Thanks again!

Liz A.

Both of my dogs, Greta and Rhoda, have had such a good experience with Danielle! She is so knowledgeable about dogs and she has the ability to really teach the owners the whole picture rather than just the "how to". This is the best, most comprehensive training I've ever done with dogs and I just cannot say enough good about Danielle and The Canine Coach. Thank you!

Pam O. Minneapolis

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your flexibility and accommodations for Elo! It's so much easier to work consistently on his issues when we can be in class.

Looking forward to our next session!

Tania L.
My bulldog, Jes, loves Jeff. If you awe at those dog trainers on TV, you should go see Jeff. He's every bit as good as the Dog Whisperer and the British woman. And he's right here in the Twin Cities.

Stacey M. Eagan
Amy, I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we've enjoyed participating in your classes. You definitely know how to bring out the best in dogs (and owners, too) and do it with such a relaxed, enjoyable and most of all fun way. We were always excited to come to class and you were one of the top reasons why.

Thanks, Amy, you're the best!

Teddy and Jan and Duane B.
Thanks for a great Level II class! We really enjoyed your approach and the interest you seemed to have in the success of each dog.

Brittni B.
Socks has been making amazing progress from the Boot Camp. For the past three years I have not been able to bring him in the Petco store or in Vet office without him barking like crazy at dogs and people. He was not able to get ahold of his excitements. The first day he finished the boot camp, I took him to Petco and he actually behaved! Only one day and it was amazing. Also bringing him to vet was peaceful, he sat quietly while waiting for his turn in the waiting room.

With the full week done, his behavior has been great on the walks and ignoring any distractions and continue to walk without any problems. He is following the house rules very wonderfully. I am super glad I enrolled him and with the trainers taking their time to show me how I can work with him outside of camp. I'm looking forward to see what he gets out of this with next three weeks!

Ashley R.
Thanks so much for both Poppy's agility and Ruby's Disc class. Both super fun:)

Nancy L.

Hi Jess,
I really enjoyed your level one obedience class and it has made life with our energetic rescue dog Maggie much more manageable and enjoyable.

Brenna G.
We wanted to thank you and will recommend your services to others, as Canine Coach was recommended to us.

Thanks again. Best wishes,
Peter M.
[Sent during the 4 Week Boot Camp Program]
Things are going quite well!

I so appreciate the lovely way in which Cele and Lynn are working with Gracie, especially because she can be a very bouncy, curious girl.

Thank you so much!
Maureen G.

[Sent after completion of the program]
Hi Lynn hope you are having fun. Just want you to know that I received 2 compliments today on how well behaved Gracie is--at daycare they were in awe of how well she walks on leash! So thank you to you and Cele for working with Gracie! And tonight she snuck out and came right back when called--Woo-hoo! She still is quite the thief tho :)

Take care
Maureen G.
Everything has been great - we've noticed tremendous change (for the better!) in Wally.

Andrew C.
Kaze and I had a blast at Agility 2. Thanks so much for your excellent training.

Larry F.

We took the previous class with Jeff, and both my husband and I couldn’t believe how great he was to work with! He is a fantastic dog (and human!) trainer!



Thanks so much! I have enjoyed ALL of the classes I’ve taken at The Canine Coach (all instructors great, especially love Jordan) and look forward to hopefully getting little Leo into therapy dog volunteering someday soon.

Cari L.

It's been a wonderful experience, and I will continue to recommend you and K-9 Coach in my local community.

Jane C.

I just had to tell you how amazing the transformation has been in my walks with Sonic and our other dog, Ozzie. This is life-changing! There's no more crisscrossing leashes and constant pulling.

Thank you thank you!
Sallie Q.

Wanted to thank you for a great class. You were great with Copper and I really appreciate it!

I want to make sure you get recognized for having such an open, friendly approach those dogs with special needs.

Thank you and look forward to my next class with you.
Brandi B.
Thank you so much for the wonderful instruction! We have really seen the difference in Carmina and are excited to get her going with level II.

Thanks again! :)
Eddie D.
It's going really well! Very impressed with the progress we are already seeing. Thank you!

Leslie L.
Thanks so much for all of your help--it's been great! Murphy gets lots of compliments about how well-behaved he is for such a young dog, and we always recommend the Canine Coach when people ask.

Molly M.
Hi Courtney,
Thank you so much for making the past 6 wks fun. Baxter has improved so much since going to your class. We will be getting him enrolled in Level 2 soon, hope to have you as his teacher again.

Thank you again
Amy, Brian and Mr. Baxter

We want to take this moment to say THANK YOU for doing such an AMAZING job with Cooper. The progress he has made over the past month has definitely exceeded our expectations. We know that Cooper is a unique dog, with unique challenges and we so appreciate all your patience andlove you gave him during training. We feel so much more confindent that Cooper will now make a great big brother.

You are an amazing trainer wtih an amazing gift! Thank you - Thank you!!

The Donavon's, Minneapolis
Hi, Lynn. Just wanted to update you on Stella. She took to her kennel training immediately. In fact I have to pick it up and put it away so she won't crawl in to await treats for good behavior. haven't made a plane trip yet, that is next week but I hope the 2-3 times a day training will inbed the routine. I'll keep you posted after our first flight but instead of dreading it, I am almost looking forward to it. You are a miracle worker,Thanks!!!

Deb L. Minneapolis
We are currently in Jess' Triebball class and continuing to make progress. Rhaenys was even a great little demonstrator dog the other day in class learning the command, "Freeze". She has become super goofy puppy at classes and loves Jess, with this latest class being our third with her.

You guys have been, and will continue to be, imperative to her progress in becoming a confident, happy dog.

Bri L.
I just wanted to tell you how happy we were with our first session. Blair was so helpful and Gio really responded to her. He seems more confident and I can't wait to go home after work and do some training with him. He likes to learn! We are so excited to have a plan and for our next session.

Thanks so much!!!

McKenna F.
I had a fantastic personal lesson with Amy on Friday - she really helped me with how to handle Kyra's leash aggression. Wanted to tell you how great the work with Amy was! After about 5 - 10 minutes with Amy we were seeing huge improvements in Kyra. Advice I had been given by _____ and ______ was to ignore it - which wasn't working at all.

I will be looking to sign up for future training sessions at Canine Coach!

Sarah L. St Paul

My dog, Poppy, has gone through your level I Obedience program, and is continuing to do very well. I thank you very much for running such a wonderful program, I have no doubt what we learned has benefited our lives & helped create the amazing dog she is.

Dan C.
Danielle, Kona and I are so thankful we found you and the rest of the gang at the Canine Coach. I was watching Kona in our last class as she was watching the other dogs in class and she looked relaxed, she even wagged her tail a few times. I would never have thought that was possible! And I see myself doing a much better job of helping her by changing what I am doing. I wish we had found you years ago. Thanks so much, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Carolyn P. Edina
I wanted to let you know how great Jeff Yoon is. We have a 5 year old Wheaten male. Cookie has always been aggressive with other dogs. When our other dog died, the aggression showed up even more as we wanted to be out and about more with him. I was fed up! A friend recommended the k9 coach. We started working with Jeff a couple of weeks ago. My husband 'went along' with this... mostly because I set it up and he had no choice! But the 1st night after Jeff left, I was so impressed. I didn't say a word to my husband. I didn't want to influence him.. I was curious about what he would say. Jeff drove away and my husband Blake said " wow - that guy REALLY knows what he is doing. I am impressed". My husband is NOT the type to heap praise.. and this was a HEAP. We are continuing to work with Jeff and will start one of your aggression classes as well. My kids come along, and Jeff is kind, funny and insightful. He is patient and REALLY good with Cookie. We are ALL so impressed.. we think there may be a possibility for Cookie to go to a dog park some day!

Thanks Again-- Jeff. We love working with you.

From COOKIE, Cynthia, Blake, Spencer and Isabella.

My trainer was so patient with my hyper puppy and gave me lots of great advice! She gives each and every puppy/owner equal attention and advice. I can't wait to bring Millie to her Level 1 training next week!

Anne W.
Hi Lynn! I'm the person you talked to on the phone twice one day last week about our new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy JoJo--the One Who Would Not Be Confined. We just returned from 3 nights with another family at their cabin, and JoJo did GREAT. Each night went wonderfully. We woke her up to take her out, gave her little hotdog pieces to reward her, and she didn't bark or whimper once on any of the 3 nights. She even began willingly going into her crate on her own. It was a miracle.

I am referring to you as The Good Dog Whisperer (as opposed to the other trainer from a different place who told me to pinch my puppy's Adam's apple and put her in her crate in our car all night, who I refer to as The Bad Dog Whisperer.) I am looking through the schedule and hope to sign up for your puppy class in St. Paul starting August 29th.
Thank you soooo much for taking the time to talk to me and help us make our sweet little puppy to not be fearful of her crate. You are amazing!

Nancy B.
Hi Amy, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with the girls this winter. The girls run around in the back yard with eachother and we've gotten Jada to accept small dogs now too (very reluctantly). We dogsat a shih tzu-poodle mix and he and Jada played non-stop. I love it.

To think it wouldn't have happend without you!

Amanda N. Plymouth
I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Jeff's puppy class. I learned a lot! Solo is still learning... He is a good trainer.

Camie P. St. Paul

Excellent training experience for my new german shepherd puppy. Staff was prompt, professional, knowledgable and accommodating. I had such a positive experience that I signed up for a level 2 obedience class and expect to enroll in future classes as well.

David B.
We have really enjoyed the class and hope to sign up for it again in the future.

Audrey A.
"Jeremy and I loved you so much, I just signed our other puppy for your Obedience II class. Hopefully both dogs can do Rally together.

See you in a few weeks!

Ashley B.
Tuli, Finley (FKA Mundee) and I had a great time. Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity. I know I was going a bit crazy with two foster teens and two of my own. Your classes really helped.

Leah R.
It was fun to see our little pal so engaged with you! We got the treats and he is enthusiastically learning. Yeah Annette! Yeah Bosco!

Anne B.
Thanks Annette, I am so impressed with the way you handle the class and manage to provide individual attention despite the crazy energy. You are really gifted!

See you next week.
Ross O.
This is simply the best in the twin cities. Had a very shy/fearful dog and they helped rehabilitate her. Without them I probably would have brought her back to the humane society. Class selection is great, facilities are great and the trainers are awesome!

Kyle Y.

Thank you for everything you did to help us train our sassy wee Pug, Ethel. You were a great Instructor and made class a fun, positive place to be. We all learned so much from you and I can't thank you enough. I've referred your name to several people who have rescue dogs- you seem to really understand some of the special challenges they face. And you're just a really nice person, which is always a bonus.

P.S. This morning, on our walk, a big red dog barked and lunged at Ethel. She just stood there and looked at him like he was nuts. The owner asked if we could trade dogs. I was so proud of our girl! That's due to you :)

Katie Q.
Jake is an awesome instructor; Gertie and I learned so much in Obedience 1. We are looking forward to more classes with K9Coach.

Joel R
Dear Jess,

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the agility class. You are a great teacher and made it so much fun.

Ellen S.
Attended our first puppy training class today and learned a ton how to work with our 3 1/2 month old Golden Retriever. Very patient and teaches you at a steady pace that your dog will not get bored and/or worn out.

David H.
Thank you for being such an attentive, fun, and helpful trainer. Even though Loretta knew most of the commands before we started class, I have learned so many new and wonderful tips on how to interpret and modify her behavior. I’m glad you do what you do :)

Ashea B.
We really enjoyed your class! Thank you for using your gift with animals to help the rest of us understand & enjoy them so much more :)

Nancy M
I have taken classes from Jake in St. Louis Park and he is a great teacher. Very patient and happy to answer questions and is so patient with the dogs! He has some great tips, and was very open to me taking "maintenance" training with my own service dog!!!

Lisa B.
I have to say that all of the techniques you gave us worked really well with Pepper and she has been really good all week long. Just wanted to say thanks again, you really made a difference.

Jennifer A.

We had Jordan this spring and summer for both puppy class and Level 1 obedience (oh, and Walking Nicely on a Leash class!). She was so patient and understanding with our yellow lab puppy, whose unending "exuberance" definitely made him the "problem child" in the class!

Lisa T
Jordan is great!

Lara R
I just wanted to let you know what a God send Danielle is to our family. After a month of emotional stress after my dog bit a kid and wrestling with the decision of what to do. Danielle really did a wonderful job of helping me understand Kirby’s fear, and how to play my role as a leader. I feel much more confident and hopeful after today’s training session. I can’t wait to tell my husband how well he did and how Danielle thinks him to be a fast learner.

I really am inspired by today’s progress and her words of encouragement. Thank You!

Karla N.
Jeff, I want you to know that you are an incredible dog trainer and have changed the way Twyla and I walk together. Thank you for that.

Jean C. Minneapolis

Amy - On behalf of Sahara and myself I want to thank you for the great class you conducted. The big thing I got from it was the confidence to direct Sahara in a way that is enjoyable for both of us. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a training program and will contact you if I have questions. Take care.

Richard H.
Jess, you are the best dog trainer ever!

Terri J.
Hey Lynn, Thanks again for coming over last night. We appreciate your knowledge and your time and my mom is now raving about you. You have made another new fan. You have been so helpful in the past that I know we will be successful with sweet Leo too. Thank You!

Jodi P.
Hey Danielle,

I wanted to say thank you!! for allowing Cecilia (CC) and me to train with you. She was able to pass the Delta certification test to become a therapy dog! CC is a different dog than before she started the training. However, it's possible that I am a different pet owner than before I started the training. I feel a lot more in tune with my dog. It has really helped me bond with my dog and pay more attention to body language and nonverbal signs in animals and humans.

Danielle, thank you for all of your help and for making the classes so fun. I was dreading going to the classes at first. But after the first week I was really excited to go back because I was able to see changes in me and my dog after the first night. Again, thank you.

Addie W. Maplewood
Hi Maureen, I just want to thank you for your help with Izzy. We have had no problems since you instructed us on how to deal with her. She listens to me now and, you're right, she seems more loving toward me as her leader. You really helped us out. Thank you.

Susan, Anney, and Pat L. St. Paul
[Before contacting me, Izzy, a Welsh Terrier, was was aggressively attacking her housemate (dog) and biting her human mom causing injury to both. Susan was considering rehoming Izzy due to her aggressive behavior. Looks like shes staying!]

Maureen, I can't tell you how many good things I am hearing from our volunteers about working with you! I have been passing along your name to anyone and everyone who asks me to recommend a trainer! I should get some of your cards; I'd be glad to hand them out to people who are looking for a trainer.

Susan Bakken, Director of Pet Haven's Dog Divison
Hi Maureen - you are a miracle worker. After one demonstration from you Finnegan knows the difference between "walk" and his usual pulling routine. After me trying for 9 months to get him to stop pulling you succeeded in one minute!

Kim G. Minneapolis

It feels like I finally have MY dog back!

Donna T.
I wanted to send you a note to let you know that your work really makes a difference. Charlie is doing great and responding well.

Life is good for Charlie. Thank you, thank you! If you were ever wondering if you make an impact you most certainly do.

Best, Jayne N.
I really enjoyed the classes with you. You are so good with the dogs and they just love you.

Mitzi & Judy S.
Just want to drop a note of thanks for Blair and Jake’s recent dog to dog aggression class in St. Paul. I found the training (of me!) very helpful, and I can see the beginning of good results with my wire fox terrier, Cleo. She will continue to offer many challenges, but I feel I have some good skills now to manage her better, especially on-leash when walking in public areas.

You guys were great, thanks for having us in the class, helping us both learn some things, and keeping everyone feeling safe through it all. No mean feat, and I will certainly recommend Canine Coach to my friends.

All the best, Joe W and Cleo
I very much enjoyed your class and Clem continues to grow right before my eyes

Lonnie M.
Maureen, you have an incredible way of working with dogs and people! Your energy, communication style and approach to dog training with positive reinforcement, have made working with Missy and Shadow so much fun. I never imagined a day when I could walk with two dogs, and be the one leading them versus having them drag me around the block, or up trees as they chase squirrels! I would also like to thank you for giving so much of your time and knowledge to helping us at Pet Haven, giving hope and a second chance to many dogs who would otherwise be labeled as “unadoptable”. On behalf of Pet Haven, thank you!!

Marilou Chanrasmi, Pet Haven, Director of Human Resources
My trainer is an honest-to-goodness miracle worker. In ONE private lesson, my trainer taught me training techniques that have transformed my lovable, but neurotic, miniature poodle-ish rescue pup from a barking, pulling nightmare into a loose leash walking pro. I still kind of can't believe it.

Not only is she a whiz with dogs, she also excels at working with humans (probably the real key to her success, as I have much more to learn than my dog does). She is professional, punctual, and patient. She gives clear instructions and checks for understanding often - hallmarks of a great teacher. Plus, she is super nice.

Working with my trainer is an all-around A+ experience. If there is a dog in your life who needs some strong direction, delivered with TLC, get yourself to the Canine Coach!

Abby C.

Thank you so much for teaching us! We have all come really far with training & could not have done it without you! Simon & I look forward to Obedience two soon.

Cheers, Angie, Aaron, Simon & Ruby D.
Jeff, McDuff's afternoon walk was excellent. Just a bit of pulling on his part. We even passed a dog across the street which would normally incite him to bark and tug like crazy but he was so busy respecting his boundaries that he barely noticed the dog! He is doing so great with the new harness and the walking commands, I can barely believe it!

Megan T. Minneapolis
Danielle is AWESOME! She got to know our dog and offers some great tips that we can use specifically to our dog. We love the Canine Coach because our entire family is welcome - we all attend classes so we can learn better how to care for our dog!

Thank you, Danielle!!

Erin P.
Just finished my shy and fearful class! Thanks to Danielle for making it an enjoyable and fun experience!

Shawn L.
Amy, Oh my gosh - have your ears been ringing? I've bragged about you to everyone and told them how wonderful you are! He is doing so good outside - oh my gosh. The first day our fence was done, I brought him out on his leash to see Dori. He did really well. The neighbor even got to pet him - that is a first. Additionally - the four dogs kitty-corner from us were all out there barking away and he completely ignored them. It was glorious.

I think we are doing really well. You are the best money I have spent in a really long time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tracy B.

Hi Maureen!

I just wanted to let you know that Nola and Blue are doing so great. Last night I took them for a 45 minute loose-leash walk and it was so great! I was very proud of them and so grateful to you for fixing the problem. We are definitely going to attend one of your play time sessions with the hope that Nola will become more and more comfortable with other dogs. It has only been a few days since your visit but we can see a huge improvement in both of their behaviors already!

Erin M. Minneapolis

I really liked how calm, patience and in control Pauli was throughout the classes. I never felt rushed and yet she managed to move us along to the next lesson, regardless of the distractions.

Level I Obedience Class Feedback

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable puppy class!! We thought your training skills to be outstanding! Again, we thank you for a wonderful puppy learning experience!!

Peggy B.
We looked forward to our Saturday class every week! Pauli was easy to talk to, she was helpful and all her answers made sense. She tailored her approach to each dog and their handler. I thought it was a well rounded class.

Dana M.
We love the obedience class and just know that we will be taking many different classes with our little project dog!!

Megan B.

You are so sweet. You are a FABULOUS teacher, and I totally enjoyed you. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

Jill P.
Thank you for working with Stella and I -- we really enjoyed your class. Please let us know if there will be any additional opportunities to practice our skills coming up. We always love attending new classes / events offered through Canine Coach :)

Tara M.

Hi Maureen
I just wanted to thank you again for our session today with Sheldon. I think it went really well and I can't wait to start practicing what you taught me. Thanks for all your tips and tricks. It was very easy to understand! You're a great teacher.

Heather F. Minneapolis
[Sheldon was a 120 lb dog-aggressive dog on his walks and from the house and yard.]

I've been thinking about you A LOT lately! I can't tell you how WELL things are going. We have left Luna alone a few times with her "sock of sausage stuff" and she has not had ANY accidents or shown signs of being too upset. We went to the Battle Creek dog park the Saturday. She has been great with all the dogs she has encountered.

I can't thank you enough for the new life you have helped us find together!! We have so many new adventures awaiting us, thanks to you!

I would be happy to be a reference, etc., if anyone ever asks you for one.

Sonya H. Woodbury
[Luna is a Doberman mix who was suffering from separation anxiety.]

Jeff, the class is so fun for Taiga and for me. You have such a positive attitude and are great about providing constructive feedback. I'm sorry to be missing any of the classes!

Amy Davis, Saint Paul
Thank you so much yet again Jess! You have been seriously awesome, really appreciate your help with everything.

Paige P.
Charli and I wanted to let you know that we unfortunately have to miss the final class today. I am sick. I wanted to thank you for the skills that you taught us and for helping us continue to bond together. Charli has made great progress in “watching me” for signals on how to behave both in the home and outside. Most of all, the class gave her the opportunity to try something new all the time. We are going to be signing up for the shyness class with YOU! Please tell Buffy and Lambchop’s mom’s that we had a great time training next to them and they were so gracious to Charli. Can’t wait to see you soon!

Oh yeah…Charli has had NO accidents in the house for 7 days!!!!

Les F.
Dear Maureen,

I am writing to let you know we have been sleeping through the night! Thanks to your help and suggestions, our little Yoshi has been going into his kennel with little hesitation and even enjoys his time in there. He will whimper a few times, but then settles down. He lets us know when he needs to go outside and has had one, just one! accident since your visit with us last Thursday at our home. We put castors on his kennel and just wheel him from room to room so he can see us and feel included. We can't thank you enough for your time with us.

See you in puppy class!


Maili F. South St. Paul

Thanks for checking in. The first week has gone really well. Conrad is clearly getting lots of good training, and we have appreciated the time with the trainers at the end of the day and the homework to help the lessons stick. Keep up the good work!

Jesse G.
Hello! So far it's been going great. I love how intently she listens to the instructors by the end of each day - she is clearly working very hard at school :)

Sarah P.
Thank you so much for helping Cooper be the best puppy he can be. He loved coming in to see you & all his friends at school. Not only is he the cutest little guy out there, he now has manners to go with it, thanks for making him quite the gentleman!
Thank You!

Dan, Jos & Cooper
Things are going great with training. We think Murphy has made progress already since starting last week!

Amy M
Boot camp is going really well so far for both dogs. They both seem to enjoy their time there and they appear to be learning a lot. The homework we get we practice with the dogs each night. They really are becoming much more well behaved dogs. We are very happy!

Thank You
Sam G
Thank you. You're a great teacher! I'LL BE BACK!!!!

Heather F.
Murdock has improved so much from the first class. Everyone is impressed when he shows off his skills. THANK YOU!

Angie A.
Training is going great! I so appreciate the trainers knowledge and love for dogs.

And I want to give a specific word of praise to Alex. He has worked with Sal through boot camp and the advanced boot camp. Sal really responds well to Alex and loves going to training. Also I appreciate Alex's help to give me the skills and confidence I need to continue training Sal. I have a really busy work schedule, so finding boot camp has made all the difference in helping Sal to be a great dog.

Jennifer M.
Things went really well, last week, and we are looking forward to the coming weeks. He learned a lot every day and we are doing our best to stick to the rules and practice his training at home, too. He certainly is tired at the end of the days :)

Thank you - Monica H
I am extremely satisfied with both of Honey's boot camp experiences. I had her in the 4 week boot camp last December and Cele was one of her trainers then so it was nice to have her again. This 2 week outdoor proofing boot camp has been just as wonderful.

I can't say it enough about the trainers and their dedication to the dogs. They both asked if I was at all interested in training Honey as a therapy dog because they feel she would be very good. Thank you to Canine Coach for helping me with my Honey. She is a sweetheart and now she also minds me. :)

Dawn A
It's going very well. Our coaches are great and are doing a perfect mix of training and behavior modification to make the program work for Bing and his unique problems/needs. We look forward to the next few weeks and continued training resources with you guys in the future.

Kristen M
It's going great. We are impressed with what she's learned so far and look forward to more.

Molly P
The first week of bootcamp went very well and we are excited about the results thus far. We are looking forward to the next few weeks.

Thank you,
Nicole D
We were very pleased with Jordan and Alex. They did a great job of working with Mulligan and I found Alex to be professional and supportive when I had the 15 minutes with him at the end of the day. We are looking into more classes with Mulligan after we get our daughters back to college. I would recommend your training to anyone.

Brenda C
We really loved the training and results from our Boot Camp experience. The training provided Fiona and us with great tools to get her started on the right track. Alex was a great partner in this and we really appreciate the professionalism and results.

Molly P.
Hi Jeff!!!

It has been a couple weeks since you met with us about Daisy and her potty issues. I am happy to say that she has been accident free and the kennel training is going very well. Thanks!

Shawn D. Minneapolis
Hi Jeff,

We are enjoying the class very much and learning a lot. ... Your suggestions for intervening when Loki gets too rough with our other dog have worked well so far. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.

Take care, Jeff, and we'll see you soon.

Andrea L. Saint Paul
Maureen, I really appreciate the time you take to respond to my emails. You manage to keep giving us just the right amount of positive boost to keep going. I've never been so grateful to "stumble" across a website before in my life! I can't imagine that there is another trainer out there with your enthusiasm and patience.

Nicole C. Minneapolis

We (CharLee and Dave) had a wonderful time in your agility for fun class! Thank you so much. It was great to see you in action too, and see how all the dogs and owners responded to your warmth and enthusiasm.

Dave L.
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the classes and so did my dog Buffy. Jordan was an excellent trainer and so wonderful with all the dogs and their needs. I have been to a few different training classes with my other dogs and never enjoyed them like I did this one. Buffy was always excited to come to class and so was I. Met wonderful people there and it was fun.

Thanks so much for your recommendation to this class. I am looking forward to signing up for the Class with Jordan at Lake Nokomis in the Spring.

I would highly recommend Canine Coach to anyone interested in lessons or anyone having problems with their dog.

Thank you.

Kathy H

The leash walking class I am taking with Jeff is already working!

Diane R. Minneapolis
Hey Jeff!

We've been working with Bhumi on the stays and he's really doing great with the sitting and staying now! It was helpful last week to see how you would work with the dogs on all the things: stay, leave it, etc. Your class moves along well and you do a good job of relaying the concepts.


Alix M. Minneaplis

Maureen - I recommend you to anyone I meet who needs a trainer, especially people with "odd" or really troublesome behavior in their dogs. Dante runs up to me eagerly now when she sees me getting out her Gentle Leader, jumps into my lap and puts her nose right into the harness -- no treats needed. (This is a dog who used to tremble, shake, and bite at the mere touch of the Gentle Leader.) We have learned to work around her "moods" and minimize triggers [of her aggression]. Our little dog, who some people suggested we get rid of, or even put down (!) is a joy to have around. Your help has been invaluable. Thank you!

Kit P. Stillwater

Greetings from sunny FL Abby has been visiting three times per week to a hospital, nursing homes, and schools. She has over 20 visits so far and has been excellent in all cases. She does get tired though and we pace her due to her young age. When we return to MN in may we are set to visit the VA hospital in st cloud as well as maybe regions hospital in ST paul. Her training was excellent through k9 coach as I have gotten a ton of compliments on her behavior for her age as she is not even two years old yet.

Rob M.
Maureen, your advice with Sophie has helped so much I would travel to you anywhere in the twin cities area! Just the voice change makes 100% difference in Sophie's reaction, it's amazing.

Heather K. Minneapolis
Maureen, did I say thanks?  I really mean it.  Sammy and I had a great walk this morning!  He went to garage sales with me and to the local farmers market. His new collar [NewTrix head collar] is the best and he really does behave himself. He got a little over stimulated at the market but I didn't push him too hard there. We couldn't have done it without your teaching!

Rita L. Minneapolis
[Sammy is a Pitbull Terrier fostered by Rita. Sammy couldn't attend the adoption events because of his aggressive behavior. He would lunge out at the other dogs and people who walked by. Rita stopped walking him in public because of his behavior. Rita did fabulously at walking him, keeping him calm and at her side after one visit.
Hi Jeff,

It has been a couple weeks since you met with us about Daisy and her potty issues. I am happy to say that she has been accident free and the kennel training is going very well.


Monica & Shawn, Richfield

Things with Sadie are generally going GREAT!....Feel free to give my name to anyone wanting a reference.  I very much appreciated the fact that you were willing and able to work with my particular situation as you were teaching what would work for Sadie.

JoAnne T. Minneapolis

Hey, Maureen! Not that you probably need a weekly update but my house has been very, very peaceful! The exercises are great, and there hasn't been one glare or hackle. It's SO MUCH BETTER! So, thanks!!

Jenny Z. Minneapolis
[Jenny's American Bulldog and Boxer were getting into regular fights.]

Thank you again for your great instruction. I feel like we've come so far with your help. In fact, yesterday I thought, Now this is the benefit of a well-trained dog! A few glass jars came crashing down in the kitchen and shattered glass was everywhere. As Ruthie approached I said, "Back." She laid down behind the line of the tile and never moved until I released her--and it took about 15-20 minutes to finish cleaning it all up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. We would never be here without your help.

Laura (and Ruthie)
Thanks for all your great training - he walks so much better already - it is magic!

Thank you!

Rachel C.
Things are going great with Boot Camp! He’s learning a lot and working with him at home has gone well.

Angela C.

Hey Maureen,
This new space sounds ideal. As far as the new location, since I live in Minneapolis, it works for me. However, I would travel out to most suburbs of the Twin Cities too for a quality program like yours.

Good Luck!

Cathy S. Minneapolis
Thank you so much, Maureen, for the excellent training you did for Geena AND her human family! We appreciate your positive approach to training, which makes it a real learning experience that is fun for the pet and her humans!

With your training and suggestions, she's overcome her separation anxiety, which is a relief to all of us -- mostly, of course, to Geena! With the new type of head halter (New Trix) you introduced us to, it's now a pleasure to take her for walks! (We also learned lots from the articles on your website.) We'll recommended you to our friends and family. Thank you, again!"

Mary, Craig, and Geena A., St. Paul

Things are going well. In fact, we were out of town this weekend, and the lady at the boarding facility where Gus stayed said he was the most well behaved Doodle that goes there. She even said he was a good listener!

Carrie D.
You are so awesome. You have worked magic on our pup scared, timid pup. After you left today we introduced Lucia to 3 new people and 2 new dogs. The first interaction was with my friend and her 8 month old Golden Retriever. Her dog was so hyper you would hardly believe it. After about 15-30 minutes of intensive treats and progressively moving closer and closer to the dog, Lucia started initiating interactions with the dog to the point of running full speed across the yard to jump on the dog and play.

The second interaction was with our neighbors and their very elderly and mellow huge Golden Retriever. By the end of that interaction she was running underneath him and biting his tail, all the while her tail was wagging. It was great.

Thank you so much for your help. We are so incredibly appreciative.

Angela L. Minneapolis

Winnie and I are enjoying your classes so much and definately want to continue on with more classes. I am seeing such a difference in her behavior and we have so much fun practicing together!!  You're a great instructor... I'm glad we found you!

-Karmen M. Minneapolis

You have worked magic! I have not been bitten once since you have
been here. She has the door answering routine down as well. Thanks for the help!"
- Maureen N. Shoreview

I just wanted to let you know that I think that you do a fantastic job and I have really enjoyed the classes. Thanks."

-Leah C. (and Legend), Minneapolis

Maureen, your attention to Cyri is much appreciated. She just keeps becoming a better dog week by week. Your enthusiasm is infectious - I think, perhaps, you were a dog yourself in another life."

-David H. St. Paul
Thanks for your help, Maureen. The information you have provided us has been worth every penny."

- John H. Falcon Heights
Thanks for the class last night! Mariana and I both thought it was wonderful! I am so impressed WITH WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED !

Even in the car just after class - we were able to use your advice to get Loki out of the driver seat and into another one after he had decided he was going to sleep there/or drive us home! Also - during play biting - your advice worked! He certainly learned that the fun would stop if he bit us too hard. Ignoring him is SO much easier than telling him "no!" He caught on right away - and the play was able to resume once he realized we weren't chew toys!

Puppy ping pong is AMAZING! He now "Comes" when we walk him past a distraction. Can't wait for next week!"

- Suzie H. Minneapolis
Maureen Haggerty has an obvious passion for animals & training. Her enthusiasm is highly motivating for her stidents. Everyone was very eager to do their best. Her compassionate approach to training is highly effective. Her techniques are much more effectiove & enjoyable then the heavy handed alpha approach. I would recommend her to my clients without hestitation."

- Margaret F. DVM, Cottage Grove
We've attended the obedience classes and a class for aggressiveness, both with Lynn, and they were excellent. All the trainers know dog (and owner) behavior very well. Their training place in Nokomis is really close by.

Barb A
"My dog, Spunky, and I were in Maureen's obedience class I this summer. Spunky, a pom, came into the class without knowing any commands or verbal/nonverbal cues. Within 8 weeks, Spinky could sit, stay, drop it, ,leave it, down, loose leash walk, and come. My family and friends were amazed at the difference!"Maureen uses a "positive reinforcement" approach in working with the dogs and owners. She was a very effective trainer and all of us in the class noticed marked progress in our dogs' behaviors. She gives owners great feedback on working with their pets; provides valuable written matierials between classes; and structures the learning to insure a win-win environment for both the dog and owner. Generous with her time, MArueen remained after class to help owners with special questions. Maureen relates exceptionally well to both people and dogs. It is very evident that she wants both to be successful."

- Mary Ann R. St. Paul
"Maureen - Jake is doing so well, due to your support and advise! He walks on the leash like a gentleman (doesn't even pull for rabbits that run in front of us anymore), barks only once at new folks (just to let us know they're here), and is slowly but surely getting over his separation anxiety (even ate his whole "special treat") in the kennel this afternoon and was not "antsy" a bit when I came to let him out).

This weekend, we had a large (150 people) graduation party at my parent's cabin. He barked at the first few visitors, but then became accustomed to the commotion. He just roamed the yard, watched the yard games, and got lots of attention. He doesn't run away out there - stays in the yard and is getting quite good at "come" and "this way". He didn't even sniff at the food table too closely or beg too much. Of course, folks thought he was "so well behaved" that they all wanted him to sit by them and he got lots of treats. Since then, he has exhibited more independence (lays in a diffferent room than me - gladly took a walk with the neighbor, leaving me at home).

You were right - it just takes awhile to build trust. I think we're almost there...

We can't thank you enough for the advise you gave us. You are quite good at what you do - and I've recommended you to a number of folks. Hopefully they give you a call!

Thank you again..."

Sue J. Bloomington

Thanks, Jordan. Loved our session. Looking forward to next week!

Abbie M.

We have been very happy with your team and the progress Karl has made! He is so good and fun to train, we are really appreciating your guidance :)

Val E.
She really seems to enjoy it! I am looking forward to what she will learn over the next few weeks.

Jennifer G.
Everything is going great so far!! We are already seeing excellent results are excited to see Winston’s continued progress!

Jess G.
It is fantastic! Tillie is learning a lot, plus I am too. The Trainers and staff are outstanding.

Have a great day!
Julie H.
“Maureen’s extensive knowledge of aggression and a sensible course of action has made the difference between panic and reason in our household. She has a clear diagnosis for problems and solutions that work and are positive in method. My fear aggressive Doberman Pincher has been too much for other trainers I have worked with; Maureen not only stepped up to the plate to take on this situation, but set the bar in working with and living with an aggressive dog. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any type of dog and any type of behavior problem.”

Elaine B. Evergreen, Colorado
To let you know how much the techniques you have taught us in gaining Fozzy's trust and helping with his behavior problems have helped, Jon and Fozzy spent about 5 hours in a photographer's studio this weekend (totally new environment), where he had free range over the entire floor of the warehouse building and was accosted by 2 kids, including one that surprised him from behind. He did not growl or snap and was very well behaved all day, staying close and coming when called. Just thought you might want to hear a happy story instead of a problem!"

Emily S. Minneapolis

Thank you for letting me observe your class last Saturday. I like how each student was encouraged to work at the level where they would best achieve success, how you used the space for the reactive/fearful dogs and that you were organized and enthusiastic!"

Laura Jean R. St. Paul
Hi Maureen,I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how great Gobi is doing. He is wonderful with the basic commands: “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, “shake”, etc. He and I are best pals now, and he listens to me very well. Dennis and I can’t believe how far he has come since the days prior to your visits!"

Alison M. Minneapolis
Hi Jordan!

I've attached a video of not one, but two of your past pupils playing together. We brought Libby (yellow lab) to the "doggie aggression" classes this past winter--and I thought you might enjoy seeing the progress she's made! This weekend was the first time she's actually played with another dog...so we were pretty excited. The other dog in the video is Marley (Corgie, Aus shepherd mix) who took a puppy class with you. Libby & Marley definitely had to build a relationship first, but they get along wonderful now :)

Thanks again for all your help/teaching! We've definitely put it to use and it has ?paid off :)

Mary & Anthony? B.
The clicker is amazing, really. The training is super. See you on Saturday. Many thanks,"
- Lynette N. St. Paul
Blair, I just wanted to send you these pictures of Gemma and her new friend Oke. They originally met back in March when Gemma had started the aggressive dog class with you and the meeting was not the greatest. But look at them now! Thank you so much for for being the awesome trainer you are, we will definitely be taking some more classes there!

Jamie L
I just wanted to write to thank you for working with our lab Ruby in February and March and let you know what a difference your training has made. I don't know if you remember, but we were struggling with walking behavior and with some aggression when encountering people and dogs. We had planned to schedule some private lessons to work on the problem after boot camp concluded, but it ended up not being necessary as we started to see dramatic improvement within a week or so as we used your advice about giving her space and rewarding "encounters" to create a positive association. For the last month, I have been able to get her out for a daily 4-5 mile walk --with or without our infant daughter in a stroller -- and it has been a godsend. She walks calmly right next to us 95% of the time, doesn't lunge or react to most other dogs, and on the occasions when we walk past another dog who is jumping or barking at her has actually started putting herself into a sit/stay until the dog has passed. What a world of difference from where we began!

I'm so happy to finally be able to give Ruby the exercise-mental and physical- that she needs and deserves and to be able to actually enjoy doing it with her. Thank you so much.

Best wishes,
Ellie, John & Ruby

I wanted to personally thank you for the good advice you gave out. Bruno is now a happy well adjusted bulldog and his new family; Max(corgi) and Nakita(retriever) are very fond of him. He still tries to push the envelope but we have a NO tolerance policy and he has quickly learned bad behavior equals time out. My hubby and daughters have bonded with him now as well, but he's still a mama's boy. We are forever greatful for the help you provided and wish you great success in your business! Your clients are lucky to have you!!!!!!!!!!"


Yvonne B.