Which Program is Right for Me and My Dog?

The Canine Coach offers three distinct programs of training, and while we are pretty big fans of all three, we want to make sure that each client is able to choose the program or programs that best fit their needs. Please note that all of these programs are going to be using the same basic techniques and methods, so moving between them is smooth and easy. 

We recommend reading the below descriptions in their entirety before deciding where to begin with your dog’s training journey. If you are having a difficult time deciding which program to utilize, you are welcome to call or email our office to discuss your goals with someone more familiar with our programs’ capabilities. We also highly recommend beginning with an In-Home Training session where a trainer can get to know you and your dog, begin giving you a training plan, and help you decide what options would best fit you, your dog, and your goals. 

We also have helpful pages if you have a NEW PUPPY or NEW DOG in your family (or will soon!). Please read those pages after you've finished this page :)

A Note on Dog Training In General

As you read through the options below, keep in mind that training is an ongoing process, and dogs are living beings with thoughts and feelings. Just as humans continue to learn and practice behaviors throughout our lives, so do dogs. Regardless of which program or style of training you pursue, all dogs require continued reinforcement, structure, and boundaries in order to keep their skills intact and functional throughout their lives. Because of this, we recommend having an ongoing training plan with professional support beyond taking just one class, one in-home training session, or one boot camp program. Whichever program you decide to pursue, your trainer can help you decide what the correct next step is for you and your dog.

Group Class Training

In our Group Class training, you and your dog will meet once a week, for an hour, with 5 to 9 other owners and their dogs. A Canine Coach trainer will run the class, lecturing and demonstrating how to teach new behaviors to your dog. You and your dog will then practice these new skills and receive feedback from the trainer. The trainer will also spend time answering relevant questions and giving you weekly homework. Group classes are taught following a specific curriculum designed to work on the most common dog training and behavior subjects using our specific training methods.

We offer group classes on weeknights, weekends, and a limited amount of weekday morning classes as well. 

You and your dog may benefit from group class training if you:

  • Enjoy learning in group settings

  • Would like to work around other dogs and people as you learn and practice

  • Have a schedule that can accommodate classes on a weekly basis

Group class training may not be the correct option for you if you:

  • Are looking to address specific behaviors that occur around your home (ex: counter surfing, resource guarding, etc.)

  • Would like an individualized plan specific to your dog

  • Your dog is hard to control or very shy around other dogs or people (unless you are attending a behavior class that specifically addresses these concerns)

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In-Home Training

Our In-Home training program sends a Canine Coach trainer to your home (or meet at a location if you live more than 20 miles from a facility) to work on your specific goals with your dog, and nothing else! This is our most customizable program; there is no set curriculum and you and your trainer work together to build a fully individualized training plan.

We offer In-Home training every day of the week, including evenings and weekends, though the waits for those appointments may be longer due to increased demand.

You and your dog may benefit from in-home training if you:

  • Struggle to physically control your dog in public settings.

  • Prefer working in a one on one setting.

  • Like to work at your own pace.

  • Have a variable schedule which makes meeting class times difficult.

In-home Training may not be the correct option for you if you:

  • Need to work your dog around distractions.

  • Are the kind of person who needs weekly feedback to stay motivated.

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Boot Camp Training

In our Boot Camp training program, you drop your dog off each weekday at one of our facilities, where they work one on one with a Canine Coach trainer. Throughout the day, our professional trainers will lay the foundation work for your dog’s training following a set curriculum. You will meet with your dog’s trainer twice a week and receive regular homework to practice each night.  Our 4 week Basic Obedience and 2 week Outdoor Recall programs include in-home follow up appointments, so when the program is completed, we send one of our trainers to your home to help transfer the boot camp behaviors that they learned into your home environment.

We offer a rolling admission into the boot camp program, click here to view current openings.

You and your dog may benefit from Boot Camp training if you:

  • Prefer to practice and reinforce behaviors, instead of teaching them yourself.

  • Have a dog who would benefit from a structured environment as they learn. 

  • Want professional help in jump-starting the training process, and tapping into your dog’s learning style.

Boot Camp Training may not be the correct option for you if you:

  • Have specific behaviors concerns that you would like to address, rather than basic obedience skills.

  • You have concerns about your dog’s behavior when handled by people outside of your home.

  • Are looking for an exercise or play based program for your dog (if so, please see our FIT Dogs program, which may better suit your needs) rather than a training program.

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Boot camp can ONLY address the behaviors listed in the above description! If you are hoping to address separation anxiety, dog reactivity, or any other behavior modification training, do NOT sign up for boot camp, as it will not be able to address those goals. Refunds are not offered for dogs that attend camp for those goals. Please contact our office BEFORE REGISTERING if you're unsure whether boot camp is the right fit for your needs.

FIT Dogs

We also offer a unique program called FIT Dogs that falls under the general "training" umbrella but is not designed to lay obedience foundations, address behavior issues, or teach necessary manners. This program often utilize skills learned in group classes, in-home training, and boot camp, but does not have set outcome goals like the main training programs.

This is a structured drop-off day program that focuses on the mental and physical fitness needs of your dog. Dogs work one-on-one with their coach on both mentally and physically challenging exercises. There is also small group play for our dog-social guests.

You and your dog may benefit from FIT Dogs if you:

  • Are looking for an exercise or play based program from your dog.

  • Would like your dog to learn new things related to enrichment, dog sports, and mental & physical exercise.

FIT Dogs may not be the correct option for you if you:

  • Have specific behaviors concerns that you would like to address.

  • You have concerns about your dog’s behavior when handled by people outside of your home.

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