FIT Dogs Packages are now valid for EIGHT WEEKS after your dog's first visit instead of the previous six week limit.

What is FIT Dogs?

A Mental and Physical Fitness Day Program

This is a structured drop-off day program that focuses on the mental and physical fitness needs of your dog. Dogs work one-on-one with their coach on both mentally and physically challenging exercises. There is also small group play for our dog-social guests.

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What Dogs Benefit from FIT Dogs?

1 - Dogs that don't thrive in a traditional dog daycare

Maybe your dog prefers smaller groups of dogs to play with, or maybe they just want to hang out and chill with other dogs without rough and tumble play. Very young pups, adolescents, adults, and older dogs all have different social needs and smaller individualized group play can provide those opportunities. Because we have a rotating roster of dogs attending FIT Dogs, there may not always be a suitable playmate(s) for your dog. We will ensure your dog receives another activity in place of social time in those instances. 

Please note, this is not a training program for dogs that are not friendly towards other dogs (please see our Dog to Dog Socialization Group Class or In-Home Training for help with socialization for dogs that are reactive or aggressive). 

2 - Busy Dogs with energy to burn

Do you have an active & busy dog?? Busy dogs often do better with more structure in their day with focused, structured games and exercises. Too much freedom can make these dogs more hectic and stressed. We'll give your dog a job to do each day.. we have lots of activities to choose from!

3 - Dogs that like to learn new things

Some dogs need mental stimulation. Doesn't matter what it is, some dogs just enjoy learning and problem solving.

4 - Special Needs Dogs

We love ALL dogs, and providing a safe space for dogs with separation anxiety to have an enriching day is right up our alley. (Though your dog must be able to rest quietly in a crate.)

Dog Requirements:

  • Dogs MUST be kennel trained to attend this program.  

  • Dogs do not need to be dog friendly to attend this program, but they will not receive group play.

  • Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old before enrolling in FIT Dogs.

  • Dogs must be current on distemper, rabies (if over 16 weeks old), AND BORDETELLA to attend FIT Dogs.

  • We also accept intact dogs into the program.

Crating Note

If your dog attends FIT Dogs and cannot be crated comfortably, you will be asked to pick your dog up early.

FIT Dogs Activities

Please note - this is a list of activities that we offer but it does not mean your dog will do every single one during a day at FIT Dogs. Most dogs will do six different activities in a day.

Small Group Play

Personalized to play style and temperament, monitored by a professional trainer. Because we have a rotating roster of dogs attending FIT Dogs, there may not always be a suitable playmate(s) for your dog.

Social • Physical

Individual Play with a Trainer

Hide and seek, tag, chase, etc. We have tons of room to move it move it!

Social • Physical

Treadmill Training

Cardio! We have electric treadmills designed specifically for dogs.


Freedom Walks

Long line walks in an open field. Great for sniffing and exploring!

Mental • Physical

Body Awareness Exercises

We use dog specific exercise equipment such as balance pods, peanuts, etc.

Mental • Physical

Doga (Dog-Yoga)

Stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to each dog's physical ability.

Mental • Physical


Basic courses that include jumps, tunnels, A-Frame, Dog Walk, and more!

Mental • Physical


Disc (Frisbee), ball, toy.. we'll throw it and they can fetch it!


Flirt Pole

Chase and tugging! Flirt pole play is like mini-lure coursing for dogs!

Mental • Physical

Shaping Games

This is all about thinking! We'll do tricks, skills, problem solving, and more!


Puzzle Toys & Foraging Activities

These activities engage your dog's nose & brain to satisfy an instinctual desire to sniff, forage, and of course.. eat!


Scent Work

We'll teach your dog to sniff out a specific odor (anise, birch, or clove) that is hidden in containers, outside, or a room!


Treat Hunting

A modified version of scent work. We have large spaces with lots of hiding spots for food!


Urban Walks

Explore NE Minneapolis, St Paul, or West St Paul! Take in all the sights, smells, noises, and people!

Social • Mental • Physical

Location Specific Activities: Please be Sure to Check the Box at Registration if Interested in a Location Specific Activity! These are OPT-IN ONLY!

Lure Coursing - at West St Paul ONLY

Lure Coursing as a FIT Dogs activity will include a warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards, as well as access to the kiddie pools with fresh water. There are some caveats to the activity - if it's too hot, too humid, or the grass is wet due to rain, we will be skipping Lure Coursing for the day. Lure Coursing in the FIT Dogs program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dogs must have a good recall in order to participate. This activity will be seasonal and will end when the snow flies.


Dog Parkour (Urban Agility!) - at NE Minneapolis ONLY

Explore NE Minneapolis in a whole new way: jump, balance, climb, crawl, and more! This new dog sport is designed to to give dogs a physical outlet while boosting confidence. Mandatory safety protocols are in place to make sure your dog has tons of fun while learning "the world is their playground!". Click here to learn more about the sport! Dog Parkour is offered on Mondays and Fridays.

Mental • Physical

Rally Obedience - at St Paul ONLY

Sharpening those obedience skills in the Rally-O ring! Dogs will work with their FIT Coach as a team to tackle rally courses: 10-20 stations with various obedience skills. Spirals, fancy turns, pivots, and more! This is a great low impact activity that really works your dog's brain! Rally Obedience if offered on Mondays and Fridays.

Social • Mental

Activity Notes

All activities will be introduced at an appropriate rate to new dogs. As they gain skills in each area they can grow in activity difficulty, duration, etc. Activities will be tailored for young and old dogs, as well as dogs working on losing weight, or dogs that need to do solo activities. Our number one goal is to make sure dogs are having FUN during any activity. If your dog doesn't enjoy a particular activity, we will skip it and find ones they love instead!

Program Environment

This is a structured environment. Upon arrival, dogs are assigned to a crate. Dogs are rotated out 3 to 4 times a day depending on when they are dropped off and how many breaks they need between activities. Our FIT activities are one dog at a time, with a FIT Coach from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. All dogs receive six activities each day as long as they are dropped off before 9am. Dogs arriving late will not receive a full day of activities.

You'll be able to chat with one of our staff members about your dog's activities during pick up (4pm-6pm).


Preregistration Required!

We currently accept 14 dogs daily in NE Minneapolis, 17 dogs daily in St Paul, and 8 dogs daily in West St Paul for our FIT Dogs program in order to provide a quality experience to each dog, so preregistration is required. We have several sign up options available designed to fit a variety of schedules and needs. Packages can be purchased below in the sign up area. If you need help signing up just give us a call at 612-202-4732.

Pricing & Packages

Single Day(s)


$49/Day Sibling

Package Information:

8 Days*


$47/Day Sibling

12 Days*


$44/Day Sibling

16 Days*


$37/Day Sibling

*Must be used within 8 Weeks of first visit (not date of purchase). Package is nonrefundable.

Unused days will be forfeited.

In the event of a fully booked week during your 8 week package range, your package expiration date will be automatically extended.


Sign up and package purchases are done using Acuity Scheduling. Please allow a moment for the sign up box below to load. You'll be able to do all scheduling online using Acuity. We recommend creating an account with Acuity at the end of your first registration to allow for faster sign up in the future!

If you need help please give us a call at 612-202-4732. To receive the sibling discount on the daily rate, please use code FITSibling below in the "Redeem Coupon or Package" box. Siblings are dogs from the same household.

Next Day Spots:

We are now offering "Next Day" spots in our FIT Dogs program. These openings will be added to the sign up calendar every morning for the next day. Monday Next Day spots will be added on the Friday beforehand.

We hope our Next Day spots will help clients schedule more timely visits that may be needed due to personal schedule changes or a more urgent need than our next regular opening. You can look for one opening to be added each business day in the morning for the following day. Once the spot is filled, only our next regular openings will be visible on the calendar.

Days, Times, Locations

Program Days

Monday through Friday

FIT Dogs Holiday Closures 2024

FIT Dogs: Memorial Day Monday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Thursday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Labor Day Monday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Thanksgiving Day Thursday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Black Friday - As Scheduled
FIT Dogs: Tuesday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Wednesday - Closed
FIT Dogs: Thursday - As Scheduled
FIT Dogs: Friday - As Scheduled
FIT Dogs: Tuesday - Open
FIT Dogs: Wednesday - Closed

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off Times:

Drop off anytime between 7:00am and 9:00am.

Any dog dropped off after 9am will forfeit at least one activity that day. Doors will be locked at 9:30am, and no further drop-offs will be accepted. There are no refunds for missed drop-offs.

Pick Up Times:

Pick up anytime between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. We'll have a write up on our board of everything your dog did at FIT Dogs that day, and you can always chat with one of our Staff members during pick up times as well.

LATE PICKUPS: Because our Day Program staff leave the facility at 6 PM, a late fee of $20 will be invoiced for any dog picked up after 6 PM.


We offer FIT Dogs at our NE Minneapolis, St Paul, and West St Paul locations.

NE Minneapolis: 3968 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55421

St Paul: 1044 Front Ave St Paul, MN 55103

West St Paul: 1700 Marthaler Ln West St Paul, MN 55118

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Additional Info

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Cancellation and reschedules for FIT Dogs must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time in order to receive a refund. Acuity Scheduling will allow you to make changes to your appointments using the links emailed to you at sign up. Otherwise, please contact us and we can help!


Dogs must be up to date on rabies (if over 4 months old), distemper, and bordatella. There is an area during FIT Dogs registration where you can upload a copy of your dog's vaccination records, or you can ask your vet to email us a copy as well. It is the client's responsibility to ensure we receive vaccination records, and that all vaccines are up to date.

Vaccination Note

Please note: if we do not receive vaccinations records by your dog's first day of FIT Dogs, your dog will NOT be able to participate in any activities until records have been received! Refunds are NOT available for dogs that do not have vaccine information received/up-to-date by the time their dog is dropped off for their FIT Dogs reservation.


Please click here to read our general FAQ. You can also contact the office if you have other questions about FIT Dogs.

Trainers & Staff

Management & NE Minneapolis

Jess K

FIT Dogs Program Creator & Operations Manager

Storm B

Professional Dog Trainer

Senior FIT Dogs Coach

St Paul Staff


Senior FIT Dogs Coach

St. Paul supervisor


FIT Dogs Coach

Savannah T

FIT Dogs Coach

Elias S

FIT Dogs Coach

West St Paul

Raina F

Professional Dog Trainer

Boot Camp & FIT Dogs

Juneau B

Professional Dog Trainer

FIT Dogs Sr Coach