What are your current COVID policies?
Which training option would be best for my dog? Boot Camp, Group Classes, or In-Home Training?
Are vaccinations required for Canine Coach programs?
I haven't been receiving the class emails, what do I do?
Do you use clickers for training?
How can I become a dog trainer?
Do you require certifications for your trainers?
My dog was declared Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control! Where do I start?


Is the class fee for each session or the entire course?
How do I complete registration?
Can I bring my significant other/kids?
My child is very interested in dog training - can I send them to a group class solo?
If I have to miss a week of class, can I make it up?
What is your policy regarding bad weather?
I haven't been receiving the class emails, what do I do?
May I observe a training class before signing up?
I need to switch to another class/drop out of the class I signed up for. What are my options?
What is your refund policy?
Can I bring both of my dogs to the same class?
Is my dog too small / too large for the class?
If I bring two dogs to one class, can I get a discount?
Why are some Leash Aggression classes held outdoors?
How does the Dog to Dog Socialization for Reactive Dogs class work?
Should my dog be in Puppy class or Level 1 Obedience?
If the class skips a week, is that week still included in the class?
My dog is reactive, can we still sign up for any other fun/sports classes?
My dog is not neutered/in heat, can we still come to class?
My dog recently came home -- how soon should we start classes?
How do I know if a class still has a seat open for me to register?

In-Home Training

How do I know how many sessions I need?
How/when do I pay?
When are you available?
If I have two dogs, does the rate change?
Can we meet at a Canine Coach facility instead of my home?
My dog is afraid of men, should we meet with a male trainer?

Boot Camp

Do you provide any guarantees?
How does payment/registration work?
How much time does my dog spend in a kennel versus out/training each day?
I have 2 or more dogs I would like to send to boot camp at the same time, is that possible?
I’m not able to drop off my dog between 7:00-9:00 am/pick her up between 4:00-6:00 pm. What can I do?
If I’m not always able to pick up my dog, can my babysitter/relative/friend do it?
Is my puppy too young for Boot Camp?
Can boot camp potty train my puppy?
Will my dog learn to be friendly with other dogs at Boot Camp?
What type of collar should I bring?
Can/should I bring a lunch for my puppy? Should I feed my dog less during boot camp?

FIT Dogs

How much time does my dog spend in a kennel versus out/training each day?
When do FIT Dogs packages expire?
Is there a difference between the NE Minneapolis, St Paul, and West St Paul locations?

Refund Policy

Can I receive a refund for Group Classes?
Can I receive a refund for Boot Camp?
Can I receive a refund for In-Home Training?
Can I receive a refund for FIT Dogs?
Can I receive a refund for Mini-Courses?
Can I receive a refund for Dog Camp for KIDS?

Gift Certificates And Discounts

I have a gift certificate or credit --how can I sign up for a class?
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Do you offer discounts?