Facility Rental Now Available!

Rental Information

We are very happy to be offering facility rentals again! Please see below for rental rules and how to make your reservation.

Uses for Facility Rentals

These are just SOME uses for the facility rentals:

  • Playdates with friends and family!

  • Getting off-leash play INSIDE during those long winter months!

  • Practicing training in a new environment!

  • Practicing training with friends -- a.k.a. lots of distractions!

  • Birthday/Gotcha Day parties!

  • Group events for work, clubs, or other organizations!

  • Learning a new skill with friends (see Rent a Trainer below)!

How to Make a Reservation

All you have to do is email our office! Please let us know if you are interested in specific dates, times, and/or locations, and a manager will get back to you regarding availability.

Please do NOT call regarding setting up a rental, as all rental processing is done by management staff. This also ensures that everything is written down, so there is a record of all requests and answers. Thank you!

Once we've received your email, a manager will get back to you regarding the availability you've requested and any follow up questions. From there, your rental details will be finalized, and you will be sent a link to submit payment and sign waivers.

After that all you have to do is have a good time!

General Rules and Policies

Please follow any posted Covid-19 policies posted or provided.

Dates and time availability at each facility will depend on scheduling around our current group class schedules. Exceptions cannot be made. All facilities are available for rental within their scheduling availability. Please email the office to inquire about specific availability.

Food and (nonalcoholic) beverages are allowed. We do not allow smoking on the premises. Please take all trash with you at the end of your rental. 

Facility rental does NOT include use of equipment. The rental is for the space ONLY. Please provide your own equipment, toys, etc.

Dogs must be supervised at all times, as well as up to date on their vaccinations.

There is a damage deposit (in addition to the rental fee), which would be refunded after the rental concludes pending no damages are found. Please see below for pricing details.

New Option - Rent a Trainer!

We are happy to offer the option to rent one of our trainers with your facility rental! This allows you to bring a professional in to help your group (or just you!) work on specific skills at the facility. Great uses for this would be scent work, trick training, or lure coursing (seasonally at our West St Paul sport park exclusively).

Trainer rental is subject to schedule availability, as well as training topics.

If you would like to discuss the option of having a trainer present at your rental, please include that in your initial email request.

Rental Rates

There is a $250 damage deposit required for all rentals. The damage deposit is fully refundable if no damages are incurred. This will be paid in advance via check or PayPal deposit.

Renting one space at a facility is $50 per hour. (To rent both indoor and outdoor spaces at the West St Paul location, the cost is $75, otherwise it is $50 for just one or the other.)

Renting a space with a trainer is $120 for one hour, $150 for two hours. (There are restrictions on what can be done with a trainer, listed in the FAQ section below.)

We are happy to offer a 10% discount on the rental fee for rescues and other non-profits renting for an event.

Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Does the rental include equipment use?
What is the maximum number of dogs allowed at a rental?
What is the maximum number of humans allowed at a rental?
Can I use the Sport Park for off leash GROUP play?
Are your facilities accessible for people that use a wheelchair?
Are your facilities air conditioned/heated?
Can we bring food/beverages to our rental?
Can we decorate?