New Puppy? Don't Worry, We Can Help!

Congrats on your new puppy! Bringing home a little pup is so exciting, but can also be a little daunting. We are here to help ensure your newest family member starts off on the right paw. We want to help you build a healthy relationship with your new puppy, learn to communicate with each other, and lay a solid foundation of training and socialization... all while being fun, friendly, and effective!

We've listed various training programs below that are either specifically for young puppies or programs for dogs of all ages that young puppies would benefit from. For most young pups, the first step in training should be the Puppy Training & Socialization Group Class and/or Puppy Boot Camp. However, there are a few options to help owners find the perfect training fit for their pup.

To learn about the differences in the programs, please click here for our page "Choosing Your Training Program".

Puppy Group Classes - Obedience & Manners

Under 4 Months Old

Puppy Training & Socialization

This class is for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old at the start of class. Class covers puppy obedience, self control, building a relationship together, biting, chewing, jumping, socialization, and more!


Puppy Social Hours

These are supervised sessions that provide a safe, warm, and clean area for young pups to have positive experiences with each other, other people, and their environment. Puppy Social hours are for current, recent, or future registered students of Puppy Training & Socialization Group Class, Puppy Boot Camp, or Puppy Mini-Courses. 

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Over 4 Months Old

Level 1 Obedience - Foundation Skills

This class is the perfect starting point for group class training for dogs over 4 months old. We'll teach you how to train your dog, and you'll learn to teach the basics... from sit to come to stay, and much more! Currently $20 Off to Celebrate our 20th Year Anniversary!


Leash Walking

If walking your dog seems like a chore, this is the class for you. Learn to have your dog walk at your side without pulling or lagging behind. In the Spring/Summer/Fall we'll meet at the facility and at local lakes and parks.  In the winter we will meet at the facility and, weather permitting, take neighborhood walks around our facilities.


Puppy Day Training

Under 5 Months Old

Puppy Boot Camp

Have a new puppy under 5 months?  Help jump start their training with our 2 Week Puppy Start-up Program.  Our Coaches will introduce and lay the foundation for commands they will need throughout their life (see main Boot Camp page for more info). Additionally, your puppy will get important human and dog socialization multiple times a day during the 2 week program.  Puppies MUST be under 5 months old at the start of the program.

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Over 5 Months Old

Basic Obedience Boot Camp

In our 4 week Basic Obedience Program, we will teach your dog 12 reliable behaviors. Reliable means your dog responds to the command despite distractions.Your dog may already know their name, but will they respond to it when they are distracted? This program is for dogs over 5 months old. 

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Puppy Group Classes - Fun & Socialization!

Under 10 Months Old

Puppy Agility

Puppy Agility is all about FUN EXPERIENCES that are safe and promote teamwork between owner and pup. Class covers LOW IMPACT puppy agility equipment like tunnels, wobble boards, planks, jump uprights (no bars), cones, and skills like impulse control, team work, toy play, and communication. This class is enriching to your pup's mental & physical health, and all exercises are designed with young dogs in mind.


Over 5 Months Old

Just Tricks

Impress your family and friends with what you and your dog can do! This class goes over a variety of tricks from sit pretty, to wave, to roll over, and more!


Scent Work

This activity is great for all dogs of all activity levels! Dogs learn to sniff out and indicate a specific scent that has been hidden. This game is great for rainy days and sunny days alike!


Puppy Private Training


Mini-courses are one-on-one private training at one of our facilities. The curriculum is adapted from our popular group classes, but without the "group" part! Each Mini-Course is four one-hour sessions. We have Puppy, Basic Obedience, and Puppy Agility Mini-Courses!

In-Home Training

We'll Come to YOU! In-Home Training gives you a customized training plan, unique to your dog and family. Popular puppy related in-home training topics include pre-puppy appointments (before your bring your puppy home), new puppy introductions (to other dogs and/or cats), crate training, potty training, separation anxiety, house manners, socialization, and more!

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Potty Training Phone Consultation

If you'd like help teaching your dog to go to the bathroom outside.. call us! We are happy to help provide the information you need to be successful with potty training your puppy. These consultations are scheduled in advance with one of our trainers.

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Puppy Daytime Activities

FIT Dogs Day Program

This is a structured drop-off day program that focuses on the mental and physical fitness needs of your dog. Dogs work one-on-one with their coach on both mentally and physically challenging exercises. There is also small group play for our dog-social guests. Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old before enrolling in FIT Dogs.

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Shy Puppy Group Socialization

Over 5 Months Old

Confidence Building for Shy Dogs 1

This class is for dogs that are shy and afraid of other dogs, people, noises, etc. Dogs enrolled in this class should choose to *retreat* instead of *react* at their triggers.


Confidence Building for Shy Dogs 2

This class builds on the skills learned in our Confidence Building for Shy Dogs class AND introduces new things like agility, scent work, tricks and more advanced social interactions set up specifically for graduates of our Shy Dog class.


After Puppy Training...

The fun continues! Click here to learn more about some of our training options for dogs over 5 months old.

Please CONTACT US with any questions, we are always happy to help our clients figure out the best training fit for their new dog :)