Potty Training Phone Consultations

Potty Training Help: When, What, Where

When is Potty Training help needed?

If you'd like help teaching your dog to go to the bathroom outside.. call us! We are happy to help provide the information you need to be successful with potty training your dog. This is for dogs of any age, not just young puppies. These consultations are scheduled in advance with one of our trainers.

What is a phone consultation like?

With a one on one phone call, you get the information you need about potty training as it pertains to your specific situation.

Follow-up Training

Most potty training problems are solved over the phone. However, you have the choice at the end of your phone call to schedule an in-person training session. Click here for details.


Anywhere you want! A time and date is scheduled for your phone appointment and we'll call you. We recommend that you have pen and paper handy for taking notes.

Pricing & Payment

Phone sessions for potty training typically take 20-40 minutes, but could be less or more. 

Cost is $45. This service is for potty training help only.

For help with other in-home behaviors, please click here.

Refund Policy

No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours will forfeit their prepayment.

Any cancellations prior to that deadline can receive a full refund.


Scheduling Potty Training Phone Consultations

Begin the process by filling out the following form and then submitting payment using the Buy Now button located below the embedded form.

Commonly Asked Questions

How/when do I pay for a phone consultation?
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