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FLASH SALE: Basic Obedience Boot Camp

In today's busy world, having a professional laying the foundation for your dog's training gives you a distinct advantage over those who must find the time to do this themselves. Our team can provide professional skill, knowledge, patience, and the most important part: repetition. Click here for the sale page registration, and click here to learn more about Boot Camp in general or to sign up for other programs and locations!

Brand New: Senior Dog Group Class!

Sugar Faced Senior Dog Class - Loving & Living with Dogs in Their Golden Years. This class provides an opportunity to have a fun outing with our beautiful senior "sugar-faced" dogs. We will do age-appropriate activities that will stimulate their minds and bodies, build their confidence, give them a purpose, get them out of their rut, help them age gracefully, and have fun! Every activity is designed to be an opportunity for you to deepen your bond with your dog.

Don't Worry, We Can Help!

Group Classes

Puppy, Obedience, Sports, Fun, Behavior, and more! Group classes are held at all five locations and include evenings, weekends, and some daytime & early afternoon options.

Boot Camp

Professional Daytime Training for Your Dog! Offered at our St Louis Park, NE Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, and West St Paul locations.

In-Home Training

Personalized Training in Your Home or Online! Offered across the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

FIT Dogs

Mental and Physical Fitness Day Program! Offered at our NE Minneapolis, St Paul, and West St Paul locations.

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