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Holiday Manners is Back for the Fall!

This seasonal class, offered in the fall and early winter, covers all the skills you need to tackle the holidays! We will cover door greeting, begging for food, counter surfing, and more! Our full scheduled is posted, which runs October to early December.


BRAND NEW CLASS: Puppy Agility!

This class is for puppies UNDER 10 Months old at the start of class that are graduates of of our Puppy Training & Socialization Class or Level 1 Obedience Class (or students currently enrolled in those classes). Puppy Agility is all about FUN EXPERIENCES that are safe and promote teamwork between owner and pup. Class covers LOW IMPACT puppy agility equipment like tunnels, wobble boards, planks, jump uprights (no bars), cones, and skills like impulse control, team work, toy play, and communication. This class is enriching to your pup's mental & physical health, and all exercises are designed with young dogs in mind.


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